Software for managing projects is becoming an essential part of the workplace. It is difficult to effectively manage projects without these tools. It is difficult to choose the right program. Many apps claim to perform similar functions. It can be difficult to make the right decision. This article compares two of these apps: SmartDraw Software vs Teamwork Software. This article is intended to help users choose the best option.

Teamwork Software

Teamwork Software provides visual solutions that assist businesses in managing, planning, collaborating and completing projects of all sizes. This software allows teams to view the whole scope of a project or a collection of projects, and track specific components. Gantt charts, task management, team collaboration, dashboards and dashboards are just a few examples.

This is suitable for marketing, support, product, and professional services. Real-time data replication provides continuous backups. It has strong security features. Organizations have the option to choose complex passwords. Some plans also offer single sign-on (SSO) and two-factor authentication.

Key Features of Teamwork Software


Boards can be used to organize and create workflows that follow Scrum and Kanban processes or those of your team. You can configure column information, set notifications to be triggered by certain activities, assign color to each column and collapse columns. Drag and drop tasks from one column to another.


Dashboards allow you to receive a constant stream of updates and comments on your project. You can quickly access data such as events and overdue tasks. To track project analytics, create dashboards that show individual KPIs like top risks, tasks and logged time (billed or unbilled). Drag and drop the panel layout wherever you want it to be.

Teamwork Timer

Track project time accurately. Automate time tracking and allow the machine to pause or resume while it is idle. Revision the time log to ensure accuracy. To keep track of everything, import tasks or create timers.

Demonstrating teamwork

Access the company’s website to request a demo for free. You just need to click on “Book a Demo” and fill out an online form with your basic details. Once they receive a request, the sales team will respond. This allows users to learn more about the software.

Teamwork Pricing

The Software has the following pricing options:

This package is free of charge. The software offers many features, including:

  • Time tracking
  • Creating general teams & sub-teams

This package costs $9.99 per user per month. These are the features offered by this package:

  • Billing & invoicing
  • Create & process intake forms

This bundle costs $17.99 per month. This package includes:

  • Set time & financial budgets
  • Basic agile support

To receive a customized pricing quote for this package, you will need to contact the sales team. These are the features included in this package:

  • Burndown Reports
  • Integrated Team Chat

Teamwork Review

Software has 89% positive reviews from credible software review sites, which is a high user satisfaction rating. It also has a rating of 4.7 stars on Gartner, and 4.5 on FInancesOnline.

SmartDraw Software

SmartDraw Software is a diagramming software that helps enterprises of all sizes to manage diagramming processes. It uses predefined templates to create infographics, network designs and mind maps. SSO includes important aspects such as document retention, customizable extensions and team collaboration.

SmartDraw’s design tools allow businesses to create architectural diagrams. These include automatic spacing, scaling and alignment. The formatting tool lets developers arrange diagrams by automatically adding, removing and rearranging different structure formats. It also includes extensions that enable users to convert data sources into class diagrams with the VisualScript SDK.

SmartDraw’s Key Features


SmartDraw makes it easy for all members of your team to be on the same page by using graphics. You can share diagrams by creating shared folders and emailing the link to everyone. Comments, notes and URLs can be easily added to any shape. SmartDraw integrates with popular file sharing tools like Dropbox, Box, OneDrive, and OneDrive.

SmartDraw allows your team to exchange ideas and collaborate, regardless of whether you are planning, designing, documenting, or documenting.


SmartDraw has thousands of symbols and templates for over 70 types of diagrams such as floor layouts and flowcharts. There is no other product that offers more. When creating flowcharts to explain a process or class diagrams to build your next app, you won’t need to start from scratch.

Engineering Power

SmartDraw lets you create and publish scaled engineering and architectural designs. SmartDraw also includes an AutoCAD-like annotation layer, which resizes the diagram to fit it. This is something that most diagramming apps don’t offer.

SmartDraw Demo

Potential customers are not offered a demo. To help users understand the software, the company offers a free 7-day trial. You can use the free trial option to get a glimpse of the software. Further, This gives you an opportunity to preview the software before making any investments.

SmartDraw Pricing

The software provides 3 pricing options to its users. These are:

This package is available for $9.95 per month and is payable annually. Unfortunately, the company’s official website does not give any information about the features of the package.

If billed annually, this package will cost $5.95 per month. This package offers many features such as:

  • Shared team folder
  • Team administrative controls

This bundle costs $2,995. This price is not charged monthly, but only annually. Software offers many features, including those in the Team package.

  • SSO
  • Multiple shared folders

SmartDraw Reviews

It has a high user satisfaction rating and positive evaluations from many users on trusted software review sites. Furthermore, It also has a high rating on G2 of 4.6 stars and 4.1 on Capterra.


TeamWork software receives a higher level of praise than SmartDraw, according to user reviews. This does not necessarily mean that SmartDraw is inferior software.Finally,  The company’s requirements, its budget, and its size will determine which PM tool is best for them. Both software are equally competitive and high quality.

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