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When it comes to the stock market, how exactly does astrology play a role?

Stock Market Astrology refers to an economic school of thinking that is alternative to the conventional wisdom. Many other labels have been used to the study of economics and astrology’s role in business. Most economists refuse to acknowledge this idea’s scientific foundation. This is why astrological correlations and forecasts in the financial markets are largely unknown.

The study of financial astrology, like the field of economics more generally, may be subdivided into numerous subfields. This is directly related to how people understand astronomical data. Financial astrologers may consult a wide variety of disciplines, including but not limited to astronomy, geometry, and (ancient) mathematics, in their work.

The astronomical data that is used for stock market forecasting can be interpreted in many different ways. Here is a rundown of common life events where astrology may prove useful:

Time-value of money analysis is the process of identifying the optimal moment to buy or sell a security.

Predictability in stock market performance may be enhanced by correlating market fluctuations with astrological factors.

  • Monitoring environmental influences on human actions
  • Finding a market where capital could be gained within a given time limit
  • Assigning planetary orbital periods to economic trend cycles
  • Relationship Between Astrology and the Financial Markets

There is no scientific evidence that financial astrology is helpful, despite the fact that Stock Market Astrology is frequently utilized to make decisions regarding the stock market (particularly in Asian countries like China and India). This contradicts the views of many so-called financial experts, some of whom may use empirical evidence to support their claims.

A geopolitical analyst could show maps of the world from the past few decades, emphasising the impact of strategic geopolitical advances on the stock market. A technical analyst may find the data he needs to support his opinion regarding price swings through a combination of a price/volume chart and specific emotional responses, such as fear and greed. A fundamental analyst’s idea might be supported by data showing consistent trends in corporate performance and cash flow over a given time frame, as well as the effects of such trends on the stock market.

Why there are or were successful financial astrologers in the past could be due to any of the following possibilities:

They employ astrological tactics, but also account for the influence of various market factors that can’t be forecast with astrology.

Considering the average success rate for predicting financial trends is only around 33%, they’re having an unusual run of excellent fortune with their predictions (it can go up, down or stagnate).

The Role of Medical Astrology in the Delivery of Effective Care

Most astrologers look to the planet Neptune when seeking to pinpoint the origin of a health problem. It indicates an increased awareness of one’s surroundings on three levels: the mental (or cognitive), emotional (or affective), and physical.

Which organ is overly sensitive to environmental effects can be identified based on the position of Neptune.

If Neptune is in the east at the time of a person’s birth, for instance, that person will have a finely tuned physique and a well attuned connection between their mind and their physical being.

Viruses and infections have a profound effect on someone at this level of susceptibility, and they can trigger a wide range of illnesses and allergies. As a result, the location of the planet Neptune is used by medical astrologers as a factor in their treatment suggestions.

Duration of Rest and Relaxation

As was previously said, medical astrology uses planetary alignments to make therapeutic suggestions. The position of Pluto and Mars can tell us how long it will take for the patient to get better.

Methods and Procedures for Healing

Medical astrologers play a crucial role in selecting the most effective course of treatment. Numerous astrologers are in agreement that Taureans, Capricorns, and Virgos benefit greatly from dietary interventions.

That resilient Cancers, Pisces, and Scorpios benefit greatly from psychotherapy, art therapy, and mental healing.

Historically, the Relationship Between Astrology and Medicine

Since ancient times, people have turned to astrology for guidance in the medical area. The people who paved the way for and provided the inspiration for the development of modern medicine were the first to use it.

Hippocrates, a Greek physician who lived between 460 and 377 BC, is commonly called the “Father of Modern Medicine” for his many important contributions to the subject.

Similarly, Nicholas Culpepper is recognized for his role in developing a herbal remedy. Both of these renowned forefathers considered astrology to be of paramount importance in the field of medicine.

Careful consideration should be given before using Medical Astrology.

By itself, astrology cannot be used to identify or treat health problems. It’s also crucial to have a current medical license. Accurate suggestions cannot be made by persons who practice Stock Market Astrology if they do not hold a current and active medical license. If you don’t have a medical license and try to diagnose a patient using astrology, you could end up making things worse.

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