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One of the best strategies to increase traffic to your website is PPC (Pay Per Click). Ads are strategically position on search engine results pages in PPC Service India, a form of internet marketing (SERPs).

It makes it possible for you to increase traffic without spending any money. PPC is an auction-based advertising technique in which businesses compete to rank on the first page of search results and target specific audiences. It is basically in charge of how well email and web advertising efforts perform.

In this marketing strategy, advertisers are only charge when users click on their adverts. Instead than generating organic traffic, the main objective in this case is to buy traffic. PPC advertisements include those on Twitter, Facebook, Google, and other platforms.

Terms used in PPC

The following are the four C’s of PPC:


The phrase “Cost Per Click” is shortened to “CPC.” It is describe as the sum paid to advertisers each time one of their advertising is click. The cost is refer to as the Cost Per Click in PPC.

The cost depends on how competitive the ppc market is where you wish to post your ad.


The phrase “Cost Per 1000 Impression” is shorten to “CPM.” In this instance, an advertiser pays to have 1000 times his ads display, regardless of how many times they are click.

For display and video ads, CPM is frequently use.


It stands for “Click Through Rate” in abbreviated. It is calculable as the click-to-impression ratio.

CTR stands for click-through-rate on ad impressions.

Your CTR, for instance, is 3% if your advertisement is click on three times and receives 100 impressions.

While the average CTR for search ads is 3.17% and 0.46% for display advertisements, the good CTR for both search and display ads is 1.9%.


Another crucial phrase in pay per click is “Cost Per Action,” which is what it stands for. The advertiser must pay when a user completes a required activity. The main application for it is affiliate marketing.

The conversion, for instance, can be determine based on the conclusion of any action, including making a purchase, completing a form, or obtaining a quote.

Why is PPC suitable for your business?

Particularly Specific

Among other things, PPC enables you to target your audience depending on their geographic area, age, gender, interest, keywords, language, and behavior.

This saves a lot of money that would have been use to display advertisements to consumers who are not interest in your goods and PPC Services India.

Incredibly flexible

PPC enables you to display your adverts to website visitors who have already been to your website. Retargeting is the term for doing this with potential customers. It is essential because only 2% of website visitors turn into customers. Retargeting is thus employ in order to gain business from the remaining 98% of people. It entices visitors to check out the goods and services they missed.

Businesses can convert more leads that were previously unconverted by using pay per click.


In this situation, businesses only pay when their ppc ads are click. Google claims that first-page search results now account for 92% of all traffic. This percentage was 71% previously. More conversions result from increased traffic. It enables you to rank first on the search engine results page, even before the natural results.

Your ROI (return on investment), for instance, will be a very high $90 if it costs you $10 to generate a click on your product and it sells for $100.


Any pay per click ad campaign’s performance can be easily follow. An advertising campaign might be change or cancel if the anticipated results are not obtain. The campaign may be track using Conversion tracking, a potent tool create by Google. It basically keeps track of user interactions with your advertisement, sales, downloads, and other desired actions.

If those who click on your adverts convert or not is refer to as the conversion rate. On a scale of 1 to 10, the quality score of any advertising campaign is evaluate.

Quick Result:

As we all know, it usually takes at least three months to appear in organic search engine results. Pay per click, however, enables you to have your advertisements on page one in a matter of days. If a business wants to target their audience, pay per click is a terrific way to quickly drive sales to your website.

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