Visiting Atlanta, Georgia? Going to Atlanta?

Plan to travel there by air? How do you navigate the place once you’re there?

You must have your own vehicle with you, whether you are moving or just visiting. So, how would one travel there without a car? Consider reserving a car transport service in Atlanta. Here’s what you need to know before beginning a blind search of all the auto shipping companies in Atlanta.

enclosed auto transport

What Is the Price of Shipping a Car to Atlanta?

It sounds nice to ship a car! But at this point, you undoubtedly want to know how much it costs to ship a car to Atlanta. According to Consumer Affairs, transportation prices can range from 53 cents to $2.30 per mile. Here’s a closer look at the elements that influence Atlanta vehicle shipping.

Travel distance

Are you traveling from a different neighborhood or another country? The cost of car transport services is significantly influenced by distance. Shorter distances are typically priced higher. Sprints that are longer cost less per mile. Generally speaking, the cost per mile decreases as the distance traveled increases.

Vehicle Type

Larger automobiles require more room on auto transport carriers. You should therefore prepare to spend more to have them sent. Smaller vehicles, on the other hand, are less expensive to move.

Carriers can transport more sedans than SUVs per route. The cost per car decreases when there are more automobiles on the carriage.


When do you anticipate completing this Atlanta car shipment project? Rates may rise by a few hundred dollars in the summer because more customers transport cars then. Try scheduling that Georgia auto shipping firm in the fall or winter if you want to save money.

Open or Enclosed?

Carrier types without sides or a complete roof are referred to as open-vehicle transporters. Typically, open transporters may accommodate more automobiles. They are less expensive and more common than closed transport options.

Your car is more exposed to environmental elements during open transportation, such as weather and road conditions. Open transit is a wonderful choice for you if you don’t mind enduring the same wear and tear as driving down the road.

Costs for enclosed auto transport are often greater than those for open transit. These carriers are completely enclosed around their vehicles, as the name implies. For people who don’t want their automobile or truck to be affected by weather conditions, such as rain, wind, or icy roads, enclosed transportation is ideal.

The majority of auto shipping companies in Atlanta, Georgia ought to offer both open and enclosed shipping.


Are you in a hurry to ship a car to Atlanta, Georgia? Your timeframe may have an impact on vehicle shipment prices. Flexible dates are typically less expensive than deadlines that must be met.

Most businesses charge extra for expedited shipping. You can also incur a storage cost if you’re unable to pick up your car during the allocated window of time.

Make sure you discuss these types of costs with the Atlanta Car shipping business you choose. Before you order a transportation service in Atlanta, Georgia, enquire about rates and pick-up procedures. Regarding shipment deadlines, pick-up times, and additional costs, they should have documented policies.

How Can My Car Be Shipped to Atlanta?

An auto shipping company in Atlanta, such as Rapid Auto Shipping, is the first thing you require. Once we’ve established contact, we’ll start by asking you a series of questions about the time, date, and your needs. To get an idea of how much transporting a car to Atlanta will cost, utilize our car shipping calculator.

Your car will be transported to Atlanta by a reliable carrier once we’ve reached an agreement on the terms and timing. Ask about door-to-door shipment if you want your car to be delivered to your home. You will be informed when your vehicle arrives if you agree to pick it up from a drop-off location.

How Does Atlanta Car Shipping Work?

Consider hiring an Atlanta car transport firm as you are exporting to Atlanta. How to send a car to Atlanta, Georgia, is shown here.

Plan Your Atlanta Auto Shipping

You must arrange for an automobile to be shipped to Atlanta, Georgia, once you’ve identified a reliable Atlanta car shipping firm. You’ll be questioned about the kind of vehicle you drive. Additionally, you’ll let them know if you prefer an open or enclosed vehicle. The locations and dates for pick-up and delivery will be decided by you.

Prep and Go

Make sure your automobile is ready before your Atlanta vehicle transport arrives. Clean the interior of your automobile or truck completely. Take out any inside belongings. Last but not least, ensure the petrol tank is at least half full before handing it over to the transportation company.

There may be variations in company policies. Consult Atlanta, Georgia, car transport companies to find out how to prepare your vehicle for transport.

In-person, sign, and pay

The auto transporter should be reachable whenever you need updates on their whereabouts. The transporter will inspect the car after you meet them at the pick-up site, and you’ll sign a Bill of Lading. If everything seems good, you can make your payment then (if you haven’t already).

You have now successfully shipped your car to Atlanta!

How to find a Reliable Auto Shipping Company in Atlanta

Make sure you look for bonded and insured car transportation companies in Atlanta, Georgia. Not sure where to go for reputable auto shipping in Atlanta, Georgia? Look up the name of the Atlanta vehicle transport firm on the BBB website.

Dealing with unqualified auto shipping companies in Atlanta, GA could lead to significant issues later. In the unusual event of an accident, you want to be sure you’re insured. Atlanta, Georgia-based insured auto transport businesses won’t have any trouble supplying you with information on their credentials and insurance coverage.

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