Having an EHR software can help you to ensure that you have accurate, safe and readable data. You will have a great deal of flexibility in a number of areas, such as data input, integration with a patient portal, and easy access to patient records. You will also find that this software is affordable and free.

Free of charge

Whether you are a small or large practice, MediTouch EHR offers a hassle-free office computing experience that will enhance patient care. It is a cloud-based electronic health record (EHR) solution that allows you to access and enter patient information anytime, anywhere. It is also fully integrate across clinical, billing, and patient portals.

This software system provides a customizable experience for each doctor and practice. Its features include electronic prescribing, order management, and customizable workflows. It also has the option of running on desktops and laptops, as well as tablets. It is fully integrate with practice management software, and it is MACRA ready.

Besides the EHR, MediTouch provides a practice management system (PM) that helps streamline administrative tasks. this also includes a patient portal that includes specialty-specific chief complaint forms. also has a real-time eligibility tool, which allows you to check whether a patient is eligible for services. offers a reporting function, which helps improve the financial health of your practice.

Cheap to install

Whether you’re looking for a comprehensive, customizable EHR solution, or just need a little help navigating the pitfalls, MediTouch offers you a 5-Star service. Plus, your data is store in the cloud, which means it’s protect from hackers and snoops, and never loses its integrity.

EHR software isn’t without its shortcomings, either. You might find that the software you’re using is too small or too complicated for your practice. You might also be disappoint that it doesn’t include all the features you’re looking for.

MediTouch isn’t the cheapest EHR solution around, but it’s one of the most affordable, offering a comprehensive set of features for just a flat monthly fee. As a bonus, it’s also MACRA-ready, which means you’re ready for the next round of healthcare reform.

Accurate, safe and readable data

Using accurate, safe and readable data with MediTouch EHR software is a great way to improve your health care practices. MediTouch EHR is a complete health record, which can be configure to suit the needs of almost any specialty. It provides a host of features to simplify workflow and ensure the accuracy of patient health records.

MediTouch EHR software offers many features that make it easy for users to chart and report on patients. It includes a Patient Portal that allows patients to view and download their personal health records, as well as access their prescriptions. It also offers an ePrecribe feature that allows medical personnel to send prescriptions to any pharmacy. StreamlineMD is another best software you should check its features.

MediTouch is also integrate with labs, which ensures that patients can receive prescriptions from the labs of their choice. There are also preload templates that suit a wide range of medical specialties.

Easy data input

Using MediTouch ehr software is not only convenient, but it helps physicians to complete medical records more quickly and accurately. This software is also customizable to any provider’s charting preferences. MediTouch is a cross-platform EMR that can be use on desktops, laptops, and tablets.

MediTouch offers a range of features, including electronic prescribing, medication management, billing, and document management. It has an e-prescription module and an ICD-10 bridge. This software also integrates with SureScripts. It also provides automated updates behind the scenes. MediTouch is certified to meet Meaningful Use requirements.

It is also capable of handling faxes and data entry. This software is perfect for solo or small practices.

MediTouch is a cloud-based EHR solution, which makes it easier for physicians to create charts. It also has a touch-screen interface and is customizable to any provider’s charting preferences.

Integration with patient portal

Integrated patient portals are a necessity. More patients expect easy access to their health records. Choosing a patient portal is a critical factor in the decision-making process.

Patient portals are a way for patients to access their health records and schedule appointments. The portal should also be easy to navigate and allow patients to refill prescriptions, download documents and submit forms.

The patient portal can be purchase separately, or it can be part of an EHR. An integrated EHR-patient portal solution will be more cost-effective. For example, MediTouch EHR offers all of its features for one low monthly flat rate. It can be use on a tablet, desktop or laptop. MediTouch’s cloud-based technology is HIPAA-compliant. The data is encrypte and backed up at all times.

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