Plan to visit Houston? You have your flights and schedule. How will you travel from your accommodation to NRG Stadium, though? What happens if your tour of the NASA Space Center is cut short and you’d like to visit the Cockrell Butterfly Center instead?

closed auto transport

Customers are seeking alternatives as the cost of renting a car rises. Avoid the fuss and explore Houston in YOUR OWN vehicle. Employ a Houston car shipping business to handle it for you. Find out how to reserve auto transport in Houston by reading on.

What Is the Price of Shipping a Car to Houston?

It seems nice to arrange for a car to be transported to Houston, but how much will it cost? Car shipping costs on a national scale range from 50 cents to $2.30 per mile. Costs for Houston car shipping vary depending on a number of criteria.


Car transportation businesses in Houston experience busy seasons, like many other industries. The cost of car travel in Houston will probably be higher in June through August than in other months. This is due to the fact that Texas vehicle transportation businesses are typically busier in the summer.

You can save some extra money on your Houston auto transport by making your reservation during off-peak season.

Auto Type

The cost of Houston auto movers is significantly influenced by the size of your car. Transport providers have a harder time accommodating larger trucks. This implies that you should anticipate paying Houston vehicle shipping firms extra to send your Suburban.

More compact automobiles can fit on each carriage thanks to Houston car shipping businesses. Small automobile shipping in Houston enables customers to make small financial savings.

Travel distance

Do you have to transport a car from Houston to Los Angeles? You might pay a little bit more for that journey than for one from Houston to Dallas. Typically, as the number of kilometers traveled rises, the price per mile falls. You can estimate the cost of your journey with a car shipping calculator.

Open Auto Transport

Consider open auto shipping if you don’t mind leaving your vehicle out in the elements and on rough roads. There are no side or top cages on open car transfers in Houston. In Houston, vehicles on open car transporters are out in the elements.

In Houston, vehicles transported in an open vehicle will also be exposed to the elements of Mother Nature.

Enclosed Auto Transport

You might want to consider closed auto transport if you have a special place in your heart for your car. A covered transport unit is referred to as enclosed car transport in Houston. These carriers for Houston auto shipping frequently have hard tops and sides.

Houston’s enclosed auto transporters shield autos from the elements and traffic. The number of cars that Houston auto shipping firms can fit on an enclosed carrier is limited. In Houston, consumers can anticipate paying extra for enclosed transportation.

How Can My Car Be Shipped to Houston?

Do some research before hiring the first Houston vehicle shipping firm you come across. Is the business insured? What extra costs do they impose? What are their procedures for adjusting the schedule?

Before you sign a deal, inquire about the Houston auto shipping business. Inquire about how and if you’ll be notified of schedule changes. On the website of the Better Business Bureau, you can also conduct a search for Houston vehicle shipping businesses.


Once you’ve selected a Houston vehicle shipping company, get in touch with them by phone or online. Inform the Houston car shipping business you’ve chosen if you prefer open or closed shipment. You will give information about your car and your destination. The next step is to plan the hours and places for pick-up and drop-off.

Pick Your Car

Finally, you will pick up your vehicle from the Houston car transport company. Before the transaction is finished, a Bill of Lading must be signed. You can drive your car around Houston once all the paperwork has been signed.

How Does Houston Car Shipping Work?

Houston-based car transportation companies hire drivers to move automobiles to their destinations. Customers hire these Houston car movers to put them in touch with transporters.

Drop-off, pick-up, and mode of transportation are all details that the customer and the business agree upon. The customer can travel comfortably knowing they can pick up their vehicle at the prearranged location.

Best Way to Ship a Car to Houston

Take the case when you have ordered auto shipping from Houston to Los Angeles. Make sure you’ve done your research on Houston’s top vehicle shipping companies. Find out how to prepare your vehicle for shipping from a local Houston car shipping company.

Many businesses demand that car gas tanks be at least halfway full. Before shipping the car for transport to Houston, owners should take any valuables and personal items out of the vehicle. Additionally, you might want to think about traveling with car shipping insurance.

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