Many consumers experience worry during the delivery period. mostly due to the fact that it is impossible to predict the precise moment at which their vehicle will be delivered. You can plan your schedule and have the necessary piece of mind when you are aware of the status of your cargo. However, you could find it too tedious and unsure to call your carrier. Additionally, according to the Federal Motor Carriers Safety Administration, the driver is not permitted to take calls while driving (FMCSA). The most accurate method of determining the delivery time is consequently to track your vehicle. Here’s how to find out where your car is.

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Can We Track The Status Of Our Vehicle?

You are forced to play phone tag with your driver and your chosen auto transport firm if GPS vehicle carrier ship tracking is not available. Your driver is unable to answer calls while driving, in accordance with FMCSA standards. As a result, tracking vehicle shipments are only possible while they are not driving and checking their phones.

But there’s a simpler method to go about it.

The development of GPS technology has raised the bar for car shipping tracking significantly. You can easily track a car shipment by VIN with the help of many private auto transport companies, and the price of these services is usually included in your final car shipping quote.

Ask about the tracking method used by your auto-shipping company.

Make sure your transporting consultant has a tracking system before anything else. The next step is to obtain your tracking number. Fortunately, it is very difficult to find shipping companies that do not use trackers because the majority of them have embraced GPS technology.

The GPS is a tool for tracking an object’s location. A GPS determines the precise location of an object when it is installed in a vehicle, computer, or mobile phone by detecting satellite signals. Users can access a variety of information from these signals, including traffic, fuel level, trip coverage, parking, towing, and location. The time and the location of the car will be the most crucial pieces of information that are available to you as a customer.

The tracking systems differ depending on the transportation company. Here are a few typical approaches.

As most of them have adopted, the tracker Worldwide Positioning System

Tracking via satellite using GPS: The majority of vehicles operating in distant locations use this method. Here, real-time data is automatically transmitted to the central tracking system.

GPS passive tracking device: At specific times, the system records and stores information. Here, sporadic data is transmitted to the main tracking system.

You might have a few different options for getting access to the data, depending on your business.

Online tracking: Some businesses will request that you utilize their website to access tracking data. When you enter your tracking number on the website, the status of your shipment will be shown.

Frequently occurring notifications: Without your consent, your firm may choose to notify you frequently. These are typically automated, making it simple for you to find your car.

You may track your cargo using your mobile device, which is a practical technique. For easy monitoring, you might need to install the tracking app here. The apps are accessible for phones running Android, iOS, and Blackberry.

Email alerts: You might not be able to track your car as frequently as you’d like with some companies. When you ask for such information, they prefer to send you emails as notifications. Give yourself a minimum of 24 hours before receiving your report.

Calls: Although it’s uncommon, a shipper can decide to give you transit details when you call. The contact person will have to phone the driver before responding, which is cumbersome.

Basically, you should choose the approach that suits you the most. Fortunately, the majority of businesses will let you evaluate their monitoring strategy on their website. The tracking system could malfunction, though, just like any other piece of technology. Here are some actions you can do in the event that technology fails.

Make sure you have access to the internet because most car shipping companies prefer that you track your vehicle online. Verify your internet connection if you are having trouble accessing their website. Due to traffic, some websites may take a while to load.

Make sure you are within the tracking window: Your employer could stipulate certain times for you to track your car. Observe the time if they only permit tracking during regular business hours.

Check the tracking number once more: The tracking number can not be altered because it is unique to your delivery trailer. Check the number again or copy and paste it into the webpage.

Speak with your shipping provider: A power outage, damaged antennae, or other disruptions from the main tracking system can all contribute to tracking system failures. Such failures should be addressed as they occur in an effective business. However, you can get in touch with them if you make multiple attempts and the system is down.

The tracking device is installed for your company’s and your own peace of mind. It is best to arrive at the delivery place in plenty of time to get your vehicle. Other clients will be able to timely get their cargo in a result.

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