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Physical therapy can benefit people of all ages who cannot have mobility and function due to illness, medical conditions, or injuries.

A personalized physical therapy program can assist those recovering from injuries by restoring their performance and encouraging lifestyle and activities changes to prevent injuries and improve overall health and well-being.

Primary care doctors often recommend physical therapy as the first signs of a problem since it is a conservative approach to issuing treatment. Do you wonder why Sherwood Park Physiotherapy is essential? Here are the ways physical therapy can benefit you:

Remove or reduce the source of discomfort

Manual therapy repositions soft tissues and joints using hands-on treatments. Therapists using manual therapy apply pressure to muscles and move joints using their hands. Furthermore, these therapies will help prevent repeated discomfort.

Do your best to stay clear of surgery

Surgery may not be required if physical therapists can reduce pain or heal an injury. Even when surgery is needed, it is possible to get the benefit of pre-operative physical therapy. If you undergo surgery more vigorously and with better posture, it will allow you to recuperate faster. In addition, avoidance of surgery reduces costs for health care.

You can recover from strokes

After a stroke, it is normal to experience a loss of function, and physical therapy helps strengthen the body’s weak areas and improves balance and gait. Physical therapists can also aid stroke patients in improving their ability to move around the bed, which allows them to become more self-sufficient in their home and less burdened with taking care of bathing, toileting, and other daily activities.

Enhance your mobility

Physical therapy is a great option for overcoming difficulties standing, walking, and moving, regardless of age. Strengthening and stretching exercises can aid in recovering your mobility. Through adjusting an individual treatment program, physical therapists can appropriately fit people with a crutch, cane, and other aids. They can also determine whether an orthotic prescription is essential; any major event in a person’s life can be simulated and modified to ensure maximum efficiency and security.

Chronic Disease Management

Of course, medication is essential for treating chronic medical conditions like diabetes, heart disease, and lung diseases – but did you realize that physical therapy can also prove beneficial? For instance, the proper combination of strengthening and aerobic exercises can assist in controlling blood sugar levels. Physical therapists also can teach breathing exercises. Although therapy cannot replace the prescription for medicine, the healthier your bodies condition your body, you’ll be able to manage chronic ailments.

Chronic Pain Management

Some injuries do not cause acute or sharp pain. Physical therapy is also a great option for chronic or dull ache. Exercise can aid in treating ailments like sciatica, tendonitis, and lumbago. If you experience pain, it’s easy to know how to reduce its intensity. Understanding the proper stretching and strengthening exercises could assist in decreasing your dependence on pain medication.

Avoid or recover from injuries from sports

The PT knows that different sports increase the risk of suffering certain types of injuries (such as stress fractures, which can be a problem for long-distance runners). They can help you design the best rehabilitation or prevention exercises to ensure an injury-free return to sport.

Control blood sugar and vascular disease

If combined with other strategies for managing diabetes, exercising can be effective in controlling blood sugar levels. In addition, people with diabetes might experience issues with their legs and feet and sensations. Physical therapists can aid and teach patients proper foot care to prevent future problems.

Improve your balance and prevent falling

Once you start physical therapy, you’ll be assessed for fall risk. If you’re a high chance of falling, your therapy therapist will suggest exercises that gently and securely test your balance and force you to think about real situations. Therapists also improve your coordination by using active devices to help you stay safe walking. Physical therapists can execute specific techniques when a vestibular difficulty causes balance problems to swiftly bring back the normal functioning of the vestibular system and reduce or eliminate vertigo or dizziness symptoms.

Take care of the issues caused by aging

People may develop osteoporosis or arthritis and require joint replacement when they get older. Physical therapists have experience helping patients who need joint replacement and conventional treatment for arthritic or osteoporotic diseases.

Health of women and other ailments are treated

Women face unique health issues such as postpartum and pregnancy treatment. Physical therapists can provide expert medical treatment for women’s health problems. In addition, physical therapy can be utilized as a treatment for urinary problems, incontinence of bowels, breast cancer constipation, fibromyalgia lymphedema, male pelvic health, pelvic discomfort, and bowel problems.

Control respiratory and heart disease

Although patients might undergo cardiac rehabilitation after a heart attack or surgical procedure, they might also receive physical therapy if their normal functioning is affected. The Sherwood Park Physiotherapy can assist patients who suffer from pulmonary problems to enhance their lives through strengthening, conditioning, and breathing exercises, as well as helping patients to eliminate their lungs of fluid.


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