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Online Payment Processor: I have to ensure that my clients’ payment processor is appropriate for them in my capacity as a startup analyst. Of course, you want to choose the one that best fits the needs of both your clients and your business strategy. How then do you decide?

A startup established in San Francisco called Stripe offers a selection of tools for processing payments for online retailers.

John and Patrick Collison, brothers, started Stripe in 2010. Before that, as teenagers, they had created online software for their father’s construction business. The two started Stripe after receiving their PhDs from MIT and Harvard, respectively, intending to make it simple for web developers to accept credit cards online using their API (application programming interface), which they launched in 2011.

Since then, the API has developed into other products like Relay, an open-source server framework that enables businesses to incorporate payments into their websites or applications. Atlas, an online developer marketplace where companies can find developers to create things like Salesforce integrations, Radar, a product management tool geared toward SMBs, and more recently, Checkout, a one-time payment solution for e-commerce stores (similar to PayPal).


Small businesses and consumers like Square, a startup that processes mobile payments.

Despite having cheaper transaction costs than PayPal, Square processes transactions faster. Square offers a simple SDK to integrate if you want to take credit card payments on your website or mobile app (software development kit). You may design your own checkout procedure without starting from scratch with coding.


You can accept payments online using the payment gateway. It’s one of the most well-liked payment gateways that many entrepreneurs employ.

For your company, offers a variety of pricing options:

• Monthly price of $29 with no transaction fees is the standard plan (larger businesses)

Express plan: $99 monthly plus 1% transaction costs (smaller businesses)


Using the online payment processor Braintree, you can accept payments from credit cards, debit cards, and Apple Pay. Although it is a PayPal subsidiary, it has a different business model.

Because it doesn’t charge transaction fees, Braintree operates differently than PayPal. Instead, it costs you a monthly price for each user account on your system, often between $25 and $35. Braintree offers tiered pricing options (ranging from $0-$250/month) based on the volume of transactions performed each month if you wish to decrease those fees further.


Worldpay is a payment processor with headquarters in the UK and a broad range of services, such as online invoicing and credit card processing. Tens of thousands of merchants, including well-known corporations like Amazon and Apple, use the services of Worldpay, one of the biggest independent payment processors in the world.

The business is renowned for its strong security requirements and cutting-edge fraud protection systems. Along with a simple setup that takes only a few minutes, it provides several fulfillment choices, including same-day shipping. Worldpay is a good option to consider if you’re seeking a PayPal substitute.

Dwolla Inc

A software-as-a-service (SaaS) payment platform is provided by Dwolla, Inc., a financial technology company with headquarters in the US. With the help of the Automated Clearinghouse, users of the Dwolla platform can send and receive money from their bank accounts (ACH). Users can send money using their cellphones or PCs thanks to the device’s mobile payment processing capabilities.

Through its API, Dwolla also makes available business solutions like mass payouts, invoicing, and transaction tracking. This can be extremely helpful if you wish to automate your finances or combine your company with other third-party systems, such as accounting software, payroll services, and inventory-tracking apps.

Byyen NV

Adyen is the way to go if you’re establishing a startup and need to replace PayPal. It is a multinational payment provider that gives companies access to a single view of their payments. They have a widespread presence, which makes it simple for businesses to integrate them into their payment systems.

Adyen has offices across the globe, including its main location in Amsterdam and locations in San Francisco, Singapore, London, New York City, and Chicago.

Depending On Your Needs And Business Type.

It would be best to consider the service’s cost, functionality, and security to respond to this question. It would be nice if you also considered their customer service. Check out their money processing history as well!

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You now have a solid understanding of which payment processors would be most beneficial for your company. Contact us if there is anything we missed or if you have any questions!

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