Highest Paid WWE WRestlers
Highest Paid WWE WRestlers

Wrestling of the leading sports franchise where wrestlers , mma athletes , kick-boxers , model’s and people from different categories are looking to join. Reason behind this is the earning purpose its quite much different from MMA and Boxing . Some sources WWE super stars made fifty times more money then a MMA star. Best Highest Paid WWE Wrestlers.

Vince McMahon is one of the person who bring this sports to the top level . Today he is richest peoples of America from the sports industry . WWF is found on January 7, 1952 . Only nly discuss. about the salaries that these WWE fighters earn.

Further Details :

  • such as (John Cena , Brock Lesnar , The Rock , Undertaker , Kane , Randy Orton , and The Miz) paid extra bonus when they participated and win the main event card match.
  • get many benefits such as free air tickets to the city or country where the event will be held .
  • like John Cena , The Rock and Randy Orton received extra money on their merchandise sale .
  • Now day’s some wrestler give appearance only for the main events like The Undertaker and The Rock.

Note :
list created after getting full sources of information from different wrestling sites , sports financials . Editions that made debut to (Raw or Smack Down) we do not have their confirmed salaries but according to a sports sites a new wrestler get paid upto ($300K) annually .

John Cena : Annual Salary : $3 Million
John Cena is currently the most paid wwe super stars its because his popularity . Cena richest pro wrestler because get paid from the earnings of his merchandise sale. Currently John Cena is in-active due to working in the movie (American Grit).

The Rock : Annual Salary : $2.5 Million 
Rock who is the people champ and WWE fan’s most favorite super star of all time made short appearances specially when it comes to main event such as (Wrestlemania). Him paid upto $1.2 million of annual salary when he is part of (World Wrestling Entertainment).

How rich is Braun Strowman?

Braun Strowman : $1.2 million

Championships on November 5, 2011 it will make him popular . Similarly In 2013 he started working the Wrestling franchise (WWE) and start training wrestling skills at “WWE Performance Center”.

member most prominent wrestling group called “The Wyatt Family”, he however debut in WWE by attacking, Roman Reigns and Dean Ambrose, Working hard to make his place among the top strongest athletes of World Wrestling Entertainment.

Seth Rollins : $2.25 million :

Seth Rollins made his professional wrestling debut in 2003 , Similarly he started from wrestling franchise “Ring of Honor” where he contributed as professional wrestler from 2007 to 2009 .Group member of “The Age of the Fall” and he is the leader of the group. Won the ROH World Championship in 2010.

Later Lopez signed with WWE with the developing wrestling territories like “FCW” Florida Wrestling Championship. Worked with wrestling group “The Shield” in WWE Raw . Currently the most dominating athletes in the WWE.

Triple H : $2.5 million :

Paul Michael Levesque to whom we know under the ring name of (Triple H) . Triple H is one of the most professional wrestler’s who is currently taking part in the different matches and creating story-lines . He married to the In addition daughter of the WWE owner (Vince McMahon ) Stephanie  in 2003. Father of three daughters (Murphy Claire , Vaughn Evelyn  and Aurora Rose ) . Famous In addition from World Championship Wrestling and World Wrestling Federation .

After that Become one of the toughest wrestler to beat in WWE when he formed a group called (D-Generation X) with X-Pac and Road Dogg . His is a five time World Heavyweight Championship in WWF/E . Similarly Now day’s he is the current Executive Vice President of Talent , Member of the Board of Directors and Chief Operating Officer storyline . In addition, Triple H face couple of knee injury injuries during his career mostly when he performed his special move (Pedigree) . More details about wwe wrestlers salaries and UFC salaries.

Brock Lesnar Salary : $5m including ppv shares

Brock Lesnar is one of the best and strongest athlete considered in WWE and UFC . Achievements he gained after making debut in professional wrestling in October 2000 . Addition doing wrestling since the era of (WWF) . New number of opponents whom he fight and shares biggest rivalries of all time with wrestlers like (Undertaker , The Rock , Gold Berg , John Cena , Kurt Angle and Tripple H) . Top Highest Paid WWE Wrestlers.

However World Wrestling Entertainment recently signed him back on $5 million a year contract according a wrestling news source in 2014. Married to one of the hottest wwe diva’s of all time Sable in 2006 and the couple have three children. Brock achieved more success when start doing Mixed Martial Art fighting he created history when defeated Shane Carwin in Ultimate Fighting Championship event.

  • Biggest Draw (2008)
  • UFC Heavyweight Champion
  • MMA Most Valuable Fighter (2008–2010)
  • PWI – Wrestler of the Year (2002, 2014)
  • WWE (World Heavyweight) Championship – 4 Times
  • King of the Ring (2002)
  • Royal Rumble 2003

Highest Paid Wrestlers According Contracts?

Lesnar Retain Highest Paid Tag Until 2022 :

However Some information based on contracts taken from top sources such Wrestling Insider, ESPN, Forbes, Sportspayouts. Highest Paid WWE Wrestlers. Find more source of information at Oduku.

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