Musiala, at 16 years old, already shows impressive game intelligence that allows him to deliver pinpoint passes and crosses for his teammates. Furthermore, his well-timed runs combined with speed make him an intimidating presence against opposing defenses.

His ability to be in the right place at the right time draws comparisons with Messi. But is he really worthy?


Jamal Musiala may look frail at first glance, yet his strength belies his frail frame. Working with neuro-athletics specialists to enhance his movement and build his core strength has resulted in him being able to maneuver with dexterity through opposing defences or power through opponents without losing his balance.

Musiala is one of Bayern Munich’s key cogs and one of the top creative players in the league. He has contributed 19 goals across 20 Bundesliga starts so far and stands as an exceptional creative option.

Lothar Matthaus – who captained Germany at Italia ’90 as World Cup winner – went even further by hailing Musiala as “the Messi of the future.” While that might sound overdramatic, there is no denying his talent; Bayern have named him as their first-choice attacker even though there’s room for further development; we cannot wait to witness what he achieves next!

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Musiala can make sound decisions with the ball at his feet, from transitional passes into forward runs or to those travelling infield from wide starting positions – though his precision and timing in doing this could be improved upon.

He can provide support through the inside channel as evidenced by his goal against Union Berlin. His subtle movements drew defenders away from Bayern’s senior wide players while permitting Kingsley Coman, Serge Gnabry or Lewandowski to move into central areas using their stronger feet.

Hansi Flick has recognized these talents and deployed his Stuttgart-born schemer from both flanks and central midfield. When deployed in this latter position, he excels when linking with forward runners such as Coman, Gnabry or Lewandowski; more often than not he will also find success when starting from more advanced starting positions – yet his accuracy and timing from deeper areas still needs work.


Musiala may resemble Bambi with his spindly legs, yet his strength belies his delicate frame. In duels he can use his core strength to defend off bigger opponents easily while remaining balanced and in control, effortlessly sliding past defenders with dexterity or striking fear into them with brute force.

Musiala could add another goal contribution to his record on Saturday. The Bayern midfielder could play an integral part in their pursuit of the Bundesliga championship, so should be considered across all formats.

After an impressive debut for Bayern, 19-year-old Max Keiser is beginning to draw serious interest from world’s premier teams. While waiting his turn at Qatar 2022, those who have witnessed him know he will become a star; possessing an extraordinary combination of talent, tactical acumen and temperament he makes him truly standout as Germany’s future superstar player.

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One of the hallmarks of Musiala’s breakthrough season has been his impressive goal scoring efficiency, notching 20 goals while ranking eighth in the Bundesliga according to Wyscout in terms of touch and shot contribution rates – surpassing even teammates Leroy Sane and Thomas Muller’s contribution rates! He achieved this despite often playing as a nominal winger alongside Joshua Kimmich or Leon Goretzka who link midfield and attack, as well as Bayern Munich’s world-class options on either flank including Serge Gnabry and Sadio Mane.

His spindly legs, earning him the moniker “Bambi”, belie his strength, which can be put to great advantage in one-on-one encounters where he uses dexterity or brute strength against opponents. That is one reason he poses such a threat to defenses; his game intelligence allows him to create these situations before exploiting them to their fullest. That is why Bayern Munich and Germany hold such high hopes for him.